Short-term experts on agriculture and tourism

The GIZ Integrated Rural Development Programme is looking for external local short-term experts to support the team in evaluating project proposals on agriculture and tourism, which will be submitted by June 7th based on a call for proposals announced in April 2019. More information on the call is provided at

The objective of the Programme is to support improvement of rural income generating activities to stimulate local economy and social development initiatives. It aims to achieve the objective through three interrelated outputs:

  1. The organisation of producers/cooperatives and networks within the production clusters is strengthened;

  2. Services that support social and economic development are available to rural communities;

  3. The capacity of local authorities, civil society and the private sector to implement joint projects to increase income has improved.

The programme implements activities for output 1, 3 and partly 2 via calls for proposals. Thus, IRDP is expecting to receive project proposals from NGOs and CSOs for:

The following tourism lots:

  1. improving the quality and competitiveness of existing tourism offers;

  2. diversification and development of new tourism products and lastly on;

  3. enabling conditions for the tourism environment.

The following agriculture lots:

  1. development of the onion value chain;

  2. development of wheat and barley value chain on rain-fed arable land;

  3. development of the organic cotton value chain;

  4. development of maize value chain.


The IRDP is seeking to hire local short-term experts for the evaluation of proposals submitted by applicant NGOs. Proposals will concern the following topics: Agricultural value chain development in Jalal-Abad oblast

Tourism development in Jalal-Abad oblast

Tasks and deliverables

To achieve the above-mentioned objective, the respective expert is required to execute the following:

  1. Study IRDP rules and regulations: read the guidelines and evaluation rules (will be provided);

  2. Study the lots’ descriptions (will be provided);

  3. Before starting, sign the declaration of Confidentiality and Impartiality;

  4. Learn the Excel sheets for evaluation by participating in an introduction session by IRDP;

  5. Read the proposals carefully and use the Excel tables to give the respective scores;

  6. Give scores to each submitted technical proposal based on the Excel evaluation tables;

  7. Prepare a summary of each evaluated proposal;

  8. Participate in the Evaluation Committee meetings to answer questions should the voting committee members have some;

  9. In case requested by the IRDP team, present the summaries of the proposals for the members of the Evaluation Committee.


Within the given assignment, the expert is required to produce the following outputs:

  1. An evaluation grid (both individual and joint) for each proposal;

  2. The experts are expected to provide well-written structured summaries of the studied proposals in English.


IRDP will provide the experts approximately 5 proposals for studying, evaluating and developing the summaries. The tentative time to be covered by the short-term experts (STE) lasts from the 10th till the 24th of June 2019, in case of receiving many proposals, prolongation until 28th of June might occur.

Location of work

The expert is expected to work either in the IRDP Bishkek office or IRDP Jalal-Abad office during the period of assignment.

The required competencies


For agricultural proposals: University degree in agricultural economics / development / value chains or related fields

For tourism proposals: University degree in tourism economics, tourism development / rural tourism or related fields

Work experience:

  1. At least 5 years of work experience in the respective sector

  2. Agriculture: Excellent knowledge about agricultural value chain development including economics (gross margin calculation, cost-benefit calculation), agriculture in Jalal-Abad oblast

Good knowledge of export requirements for agricultural products

  1. Tourism: Excellent knowledge about tourism value chain development including economics (cost-income calculation, cost-benefit calculation), tourism in Jalal-Abad oblast Good knowledge of international tourism requirements

Knowledge of and experience in:

Value for money (cost-benefit) Impact-oriented planning and monitoring of sustainable development models Execution of Call for Proposals or tenders and evaluation is a strong asset

Languages: Advanced English and Russian (both reading and speaking)

The tentative time to be covered by the short-term experts (STE) lasts from the 10th till the 24th of June 2019, in case of receiving many proposals, prolongation until 28th of June might occur. The STE are expected to work closely with Bishkek or Jalal-Abad IRDP offices.

If you are interested, please apply by sending your CV, a motivation letter and the completed financial offer marked as “IRDP External Expert Tourism” or “IRDP External Expert Agriculture” to the email till 17:00 on 03.06.2019.

Please download the Terms of References and the financial offer form for further information.