Information session for the registered organisations

Women and youth empowerment in the south of Kyrgyzstan

GIZ in Kyrgyzstan continues to develop sustainable economic opportunities for women in rural regions in the country and contributes to the economic inclusion and empowerment of young people (16-28 years old). For this, the Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP) supports the project proposals enhancing the skills of women as active players in the economy and allowing them to secure and/or increase their income.
Starting October 2020 the third call for proposals among the non-profit organizations located in Kyrgyzstan, EU, or EFTA state was announced. To select qualified organizations, IRDP goes through several stages after the announcement of the call. First, it shortlists the organizations and trains them in preparing the application to participate at the call. For instance, at the end of November the programme team has conducted the information session in Osh city for the registered organizations working in the south of Kyrgyzstan. During the session, the team provided detailed information on the preparation and submission of the full package of documents for successful participation in the call. The invited organizations had an opportunity to address their questions and concerns on the possible projects, and funding they receive in the framework of this call.
A similar information session took place in the capital Bishkek for the NGOs working in northern Kyrgyzstan. The split of the information session into two was also dictated by the COVID-19 restrictions. GIZ took care of all the safety measures during the events, both limiting the number of participants, and assuring the appropriate distance between the participants inside the venue. They also wore masks and use hand sanitizers. For those who were hesitant to participate in the offline event, the programme provided an online session. Overall, representatives of 40 registered and eligible organizations took part in the information sessions. 
Now the eligible organizations will draft the proposals and submit them to the assessment. Now the eligible organizations will draft the proposals and submit them to the assessment. The best ideas will be supported for implementation and many woman living in poor areas will have a chance to improve their income opportunities.