Full package of documents for the Third Call for Proposals

The Integrated Rural Development Programme is holding the 3rd Call for Proposals

The Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP) works in Jalal-Abad Oblast, Kyrgyzstan. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH implements the project with co-financing from the European Union and German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

The overall objective of the IRDP is to contribute to reduction of poverty in rural areas through economic and social development initiatives.

The specific objective of the IRDP is the improvement of income opportunities of rural population. This ought to stimulate the local economy and social development in southern Kyrgyzstan with focus on Jalal-Abad Oblast.

Within the specific objective IRDP focuses on three Outputs:

Output 1 aims to strengthen producers, processors and / or cooperatives in agriculture, MSME, rural tourism service providers and / or associations in tourism, in improving their degree of organization and co-operation, thus enabling them to co-ordinate their efforts in production, processing, development of tourism packages or marketing in order to increase efficiency and competitiveness.

Output 2 aims to increase the availability and quality of services needed for development of agriculture and tourism as well as for other rural businesses for the rural population.

Output 3 aims to improve the capacities of local authorities, the civil society and the private sector to jointly implement projects (measures), which improve the conditions for socio-economic development, such as better public services, which lead to improved business environment, and hence, improved and inclusive LED planning. This is to be achieved via an ongoing dialogue between the private sector / civil society and public sector to identify and jointly implement measures thereon.

Core implementation element are Grant Agreements with civil society organisations / NGOs which participate in calls for proposals.

The third Call for Proposals addresses Output 1 and has following lots:

Lot 1 addresses women economic empowerment and seeks to develop sustainable economic opportunities for women particularly in rural areas. Project proposals, which aim at contributing to the economic empowerment of women shall be submitted. The measures have to be designed in order to enhance the skills of women as active players in the economy so that these women can secure and/or increase their income and so the income for their household.

Lot 2 addresses youth economic empowerment. Project proposals aiming at contributing to the economic inclusion and empowerment of young people in the age between 16 and 28 years old shall be submitted.


At this stage, the Integrated Rural Development Programme is shortlisting the registered organisations that comply with the minimum eligibility requirements. The shortlisted organisations will be invited to information sessions within 10 days after the registration period is completed. During the information sessions the invited organisations will have an opportunity to receive detailed instructions on preparing and submitting their proposals.

The following is a complete list of documents required submit with the application to the attention of the organisations invited to the information sessions.