Public Association “Agents of Changes"

Public Association “Agents of Changes” is a successfully organized public-private partnership on the example of the INITIATIVE project, implemented in 2015-2017 in Ala-Buka district of Jalal-Abad region. PA “Agents of Changes” has a 9-year experience in empowering women, youth, and ethnic minorities through capacity building and inclusion in decision-making processes. It also has an experience in disseminating the GALS methodology among vulnerable community groups, along with improving their communication skills.

In the framework of IRDP Development of local economic development plans in Aksyi rayon: Kyzyl-Tuu AA, Kashka-Suu AA, Avletim AA, Ak-Zhol AA, Zherge-Tal AA

Project goals: Ensure capacity building of local authorities, civil society and the private sector to establish a productive dialogue between them, that would encourage the development of local plans for economic development (LED) with prioritization and implementation of pilot projects aimed at improving the business environment, increasing revenue opportunities, and involving vulnerable groups.

Contacts: Kyrgyz Republic, Talas, str. Ch.Sataev 7/48 Phone: +996 507 892689; E-mail: