The Kyrgyzstan Mountain Societies Development Support Programme (MSDSP KG)

The Kyrgyzstan Mountain Societies Development Support Programme (MSDSP KG) An initiative of AKF, is a locally registered public foundation which seeks to improve the livelihoods of select communities in Kyrgyzstan’s mountain areas. MSDSP KG’s core programme area includes the mountainous districts of Alai, Chong-Alai, and Kara-Kulja in Osh Oblast as well as Naryn and At-Bashy districts in Naryn Oblast, covering a total population of more than 320,000 people. Sectors: MSDSP KG implements a range of integrated interventions in early childhood development, natural resource management and health which converge in villages and are implemented in collaboration with and between community-based groups and local governments. Disaster risk reduction, enhancing local governance and improving climate change resilience are cross-cutting themes across MSDSP KG’s work.

In the framework of IRDP Development of local economic development plans in Ala-Buka and Chatkal rayons: Ak-Korgon AA, Aktam AA, Ala-Buka AA, Oruktu AA, Baltagulov AA, Terek-Sai AA, Sumsar AA.

Project goals: Ensure capacity building of local authorities, civil society and the private sector to establish a productive dialogue between them, that would encourage the development of local plans for economic development (LED) with prioritization and implementation of pilot projects aimed at improving the business environment, increasing revenue opportunities, and involving vulnerable groups. .

Contact details: MSDSP KG Bishkek office: Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, str. Toktogul 138 Phone: + (996 312) 62 19 12/62 19 04 (323); Fax: + (996 312) 62 19 12; Email: Website: