Public Fund "Rural Advisory Service in Jalal-Abad" (RAS JA)

Public Fund "Rural Advisory Service in Jalal-Abad" (RAS JA) was founded in 1999 following the State Initiative of the Kyrgyz Republic with support of the World Bank, IFAD and the Government of Switzerland.

RAS JA consults and supports rural communities in developing agriculture, agribusiness initiatives of women and youth in sustainable and efficient use of natural resources.

In the framework of IRDP:

RAS JA implements the project on "Creation of sustainable system of wheat and barley cultivation on rainfed lands of Suzak rayon".

Project duration: 3 years

Project goals:

- Increasing income of farmers cultivating wheat and barley on rainfed lands of Suzak rayon through introduction of zero or minimum tillage technology;

- Improving the skills of farmers in application of conservation technologies (soil protection, soil moisture conservation, reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere);

- Creating a sustainable value chain on rainfed land by developing all links in the chain, including MTS, suppliers of inputs to farmers;

- Creation of a cooperative or development of an existing one for joint and effective work of farmers with other actors along the value chain.


Kyrgyz Republic

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