"Training and Counselling Center» (TES-Center)

"Training and Counselling Center» (TES-Center) is a public fund established in 1999 by the "AFC Consultants" together with the Osh State University.

TES-Centre specializes at training and consulting in the field of agriculture.

In the framework of IRDP:

TES-Centre works on creating sustainable maize value chain in the Bazar-Korgon rayon and establishing sustainable onion value chain in Nooken Rayon within the cooperation with the IRDP programme.

Projects duration: 3 years

Projects goals:

- Increasing the profitability of target farmers;

- Development of a sustainable maize and onion value chains;

- At least double the yield of maize in the target districts;

- Establishing a self-financing and self-regulating system of production and marketing of onions;

- Forming farmer groups and cooperatives;

- Development of local machine and tractor stations services along maize VC;


Kyrgyz Republic

Address: St.Petrova 33E, Osh

Phone: +996772 08 00 30;

Website: http://tes-centre.org/

Social media: https://www.facebook.com/