Online promotion of the Jalal-Abad region among tourists

From September 2020, tourists from all over the world can plan their itinerary and holidays in the Jalal-Abad region of Kyrgyzstan thanks to the website

This online resource provides information in English about the rich history of the region, its cultural features and its attractions. The website also contains a list of upcoming events and detailed participation terms. Convenient navigation allows the users to find many places where they can try a variety of dishes from different cuisines, buy souvenirs and just walk around. Tourists can choose and book various trekking tours and accomodation in advance, as well as explore the possibilities of moving around the area. The site is also convenient for local residents and tour operators, as they can directly post information about their services here.

This online resource was developed by the public association "Youth of Osh" with support of the Integrated Rural Development Programme. "Jalal-Abad region really does have everything a nature-lover and adventure traveller might want," says the homepage, and the content of the website is a good proof of that. The developers have tried to make this resource attractive and user-friendly. Now it will be promoted in the international tourism market and help attract travellers to Kyrgyzstan.