Joining efforts to create favorable conditions for developing tourism in Jalal-Abad region

On August 17, 2020, the Public Union “Central Asian Alliance for Water" together with Public Fund “Women's Bank of Peace” launched the project "Development of dialogue between the public and private sectors and creation of favorable conditions for tourism in Jalal-Abad Oblast" at the round table. The project is implemented in the framework of the GIZ Integrated Rural Development Programme with the co-financing of the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The project will complement the efforts of PF “Youth of Osh” and the Kyrgyz Association of Community Based Tourism to create a sustainable tourism value chain under the measures of the first Output of the GIZ IRDP project.  

At the round table, representatives of local government, the private sector, and the Department of Tourism learned more about the goals and activities of the project in the following two years. The project involves local self-governments of towns and villages with important tourist destinations of the region such as Astanbap valley, Sary-Chelek lake, Padysha-Ata nature reserve with mausoleums, towns of Kazarman, Toktogul, and Jalal-Abad. The project engages the representatives of local authorities, population, and business community into activities aimed at creating favorable conditions for tourism development. Through the establishment of open and inclusive dialogue, the project aims to involve all segments of the population, including youth, women, representatives of national minorities, and people with disabilities, in addressing important local issues. 

The main directions of the project:

  1. Develop tools to create additional income-generating activities from tourism for local communities;
  2.  Promoting dialogue between stakeholders that will make it possible to jointly identify priority areas, plan and implement activities that will improve conditions for tourism development; 
  3. Facilitate the social and economic development of the community through developing its tourism potential;
  4. Capacity building of dialogue participants. 

Project Manager of Public Union “Central Asian Alliance for Water" Mr. Nazarov Iqbol noted that the project will support the initiatives of dialogue participants by providing small grants. The project will select those initiatives that are economically profitable for local development and will ensure the inclusiveness of all parties. Successful implementation of activities should increase the incomes of local self-governments, entrepreneurs, and the population.