The installation tourism signboards directing to the main tourist attractions in Jalal-Abad Oblast

16 December 2019 marks the beginning of installation of the first of 41 tourism signboards directing to the main tourist attractions in Jalal-Abad Oblast.

More than 20 bilingual brown signs are installed along the M-41 highway in Chychkan Gorge, Toktogul, Tashkomur, Kara Jygach, and Bazar-Korgon. Others are installed along the alternative road connecting the north and the south of the country and in places as far as Kerben and Ala-Buka. The direction signs show the turns off the highway to the historical sites Shah-Fazil and Saimaluu-Tash, and to the nature reserves Padysh-Ata, Arslanbob, Kan-Achuu, and Sary-Chelek. City and oblast maps are placed within Jalal-Abad city and at the three entrances to the oblast marking the main sightseeings such as museums, parks, and resorts.

The director of the Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism Maksat Damir uulu, highlights the importance of this initiative.

“The availability of tourism signboards is one of the most important preconditions for promoting the tourism potential of any destination. We are happy that finally, they are also in place around the Jalal-Abad region. Having so many interesting attractions for tourists in Jalal-Abad, I believe, the signboards will serve good for their better navigation and contribute to the sustainable development of rural areas.”

The signboards installation is a joint initiative of the Integrated Rural Development Programme and the Department of Tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic. It became possible with the great support of the programme partners such as the Kyrgyz Association of Tour Operators, Pamir tours, Kyrgyz Community Based Tourism Association, local Community Based Tourism groups, Jalal-Abad city and oblast administrations, as well as the local self-governments. The partners supported in defining locations and contents of signboards as well as getting permissions.