Results of the first Call for Proposals announced in May 2019

The Integrated Rural Development Programme supports the improvement of income opportunities of rural population in the region of Jalal-Abad. The Programme is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and co-funded by the EU and German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The programme budget amounts to 11.3 million Euro, of which 9.8 million is funded by the EU. Its measures contribute to local social and economic development through maximising the potential of the region in agriculture and tourism sectors. The Programme attracts non-government and civil society organisations to implement targeted activities that meet the needs of local population.

The first call for proposals was announced in May 2019. The call outlined nine important directions to which the interested organisations were asked to tailor their project proposals:

  • Quality and Competitiveness of Tourism
  • Diversification and Development of Tourism Products
  • Enabling Tourism Environment
  • Onion Value Chain
  • Wheat and Barley Value Chain on Rain-fed Arable Land
  • Organic Cotton Value Chain
  • Maize Value Chain
  • Overall, thirteen project proposals came in for the agriculture lots and seven for tourism. The programme staff and contracted external experts rigorously analysed the received proposals and assessed the background of the organisations, their ideas, and implementation approaches. To ensure transparency and impartiality, the Programme brought together the representatives of national, local and international partners in an Evaluation Committee. Namely, representatives of the Ministry of Economy of the KR, Tourism Department of the KR, Ministry of Agriculture, Food Industry and Reclamation of the KR, Delegation of the EU to the KR, Office of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the Government in Jalal-Abad region and GIZ Sustainable Economic Development Programme participated in the evaluation process.

    As a result of the assessment and evaluation, the following project proposals were selected for contract award of the first call for proposals.


    Selected project proposal

    Tourism Lot 1 Quality and Competitiveness of Tourism

    “Visit Jalal-Abad” by Public Association “Youth of Osh”

    Tourism Lot 2 Diversification and Development of Tourism Products

    “CBT Jalal-Abad” by the Kyrgyz Community Based Tourism Association KCBTA

    Tourism Lot 3 Enabling Tourism Environment

    Not awarded

    Agriculture Lot 4 Onion Value Chain for Export

    “Establishment of Sustainable Value Chain of Onion in Nooken rayon of Jalal-Abad region” by the Public Foundation “TES Centre”

    Agriculture Lot 5 Wheat and Barley Value Chain on Rain-fed Arable Land in Bazar-Korgon


    “Bazar-Korgon rainfed-land productivity improvement project” by the Public Foundation “Agro Lead”

    Agriculture Lot 6 Wheat and Barley Value Chain on Rain-fed Arable Land in Suzak

    “Development of sustainable system of wheat and barley cultivation in rain-fed lands of Suzak province” by the Public Foundation “RAS Jalal-Abad”

    Agriculture Lot 7 Organic Cotton Value Chain

    “Development of the production and export of organic cotton” by the Public Foundation “Bio-Farmer”

    Agriculture Lot 8 Maize Value Chain in Toktogul

    “Development of Sustainable Maize Value Chain in Toktogul rayon” by the Public Foundation “TES Centre”

    Agriculture Lot 9 Maize Value Chain in Ala-Buka

    Intensive production and processing of maize to increase the income of farmers by the Public Foundation “Bio-Service”

    The Programme signs grant agreements with the finalists with duration of up to 36 months. It will support the organisations with further training and workshops in areas of Finance, Monitoring and Communications. We congratulate the organisations and wish them good luck in implementing the stated projects.